Welcome to My Personal Blog


Welcome to my “Personal” blog. Since I spend so much of my time photographing my personal life, I thought I’d share it with you. With two children, I always have a camera in my hand. Especially this year because I have committed to something called a Project 365. This involves taking one photo every day for a year. For my project I have decided to take lifestyle photos of our everyday life. I will try and capture candid moments while paying attention to lighting and composition.

Two years ago I completed a Project 52. In this project I took one self portrait every week for a year. This project was difficult but also pushed me. But it took two years to build the confidence to take on a Project 365. I was so intimidated by the commitment. But with Liam who is two and a half and Charlotte who is five months old, 2015 seemed to be a good year to start. I am so excited to have a collection of images telling the story of our life together.

Week 1 Week 1-1-2 Week 1-2 Week 1-1-3 Week 1-4 Week 1-3