Charlotte’s Eighteen Month Session – Louisville OH, Family Photographer

This little lady is eighteen months old! This time of year it’s hard to find a good location to take pictures outdoors. But the dead brush, combined with the setting golden sunlight makes a perfect backdrop. Poor Charlotte is currently teething and wasn’t really in to her little session. She only game me about five good minutes before we had to leave.

A funny thing happened right before we left. This session took place at an abandoned airport strip just down the hill from my home. I’ve photographed my family there several times. But for some odd reason someone was driving by and saw me with Charlotte near the woods. They wrote down our license plate and called the police to report possible abandonment. But they never stuck around to see me put my daughter back into our van and drive home?!? So exactly one hour later a police officer showed up at our house shines his flashlight in our windows looking for Charlotte. It startled my husband and he asked the police officer if he could help him. He asked to see the kids and then wanted to talk to me. He said that they had been looking for a small child in the woods for 45 minutes! I felt so bad that I caused them all that hassle. But he didn’t seem too concerned. And I verified that I had permission to shoot at the airport and he said, “I have no problem with it. I bet it makes for great pictures doesn’t it?” It was a very exciting night for us.

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