The Carmany Family – Louisville, OH

This precious family are the Carmanys. They are dear friends of mine. I met Laura in a Mom’s group, which we still attend together, at our church four years ago. We instantly connected because my Liam and her Josiah were close to the same ages. Then, we both got pregnant again at the same time with Charlotte and Nate. Josiah just started Kindergarten as did Liam. It is so cute watching the kiddos grow up together. I count myself lucky to have such a sweet friend who is going through life at the same stage as I am.

Matt and Laura are also the proud owners of The Wholesome Hive. Matt is in charge of the beekeeping part of the business. And Laura has developed a line of high-quality, body and home care products. She has created these products from their honey, beeswax and other all natural ingredients. I love their products! Especially the lip balm. Check it out via the link above.

For the Carmanys session I wanted to use their love of honey making as a part of telling their family’s personal story. All the “props” used in the session are personal items from the family. I wanted to let their family’s personality shine. And by capturing the genuine love and affection they have for each other I think I have.

Carmany 1

Carmany 2

Carmany 3

Carmany 4

Carmany 5

Carmany 6

Carmany 7

Carmany 8

Carmany 9

Carmany 10

Carmany 11

Carmany 12

Carmany 13

Carmany 14

Carmany 15

Carmany 16

Carmany 17

Carmany 18

Carmany 19

Carmany 20

Carmany 21

Carmany 22

Macy’s Senior Session – Sippo Lake Park

This is Macy. She is a senior from Malvern High School.

We had such a beautiful evening for her session at Sippo Lake. The mosquitoes thought it was a nice place to be as well! Thankfully Macy’s mother Trisha remembered to bring the spray. :-)

Macy is so sweet and polite. And Trisha is a kindergarten teacher. With my son starting kindergarten that next week we had a lot to talk about. It was such a pleasure working with these two lovely ladies.

Macy 2 1

Macy 2 2

Macy 2 3

Macy 2 4

Macy 2 5

Macy 2 6

Macy 2 7

Ari’s Senior Session

This lovely young lady is Ari. She is from North Canton, OH and the youngest of five beautiful sisters! Ari is very talented artist and musician. She is also on the cross country running team.

Ari was such a dream to work with. She is so incredibly sweet. She also was very confident and did a lot of the posing all on her own. I told her she has a second career as a model!

I had so much fun with her and her mother Lisa during her session. At the end of every session I try and squeeze in one last photo of the senior and her mother. They look so cute together!

Ari 1

Ari 2

Ari 3

Ari 4

Ari 5

Ari 6

Ari 7

Ari 8

Ari 9

Ari 10

Ari 11

Ari 12

Ari 13