Ari’s Senior Session

This lovely young lady is Ari. She is from North Canton, OH and the youngest of five beautiful sisters! Ari is very talented artist and musician. She is also on the cross country running team.

Ari was such a dream to work with. She is so incredibly sweet. She also was very confident and did a lot of the posing all on her own. I told her she has a second career as a model!

I had so much fun with her and her mother Lisa during her session. At the end of every session I try and squeeze in one last photo of the senior and her mother. They look so cute together!

Ari 1

Ari 2

Ari 3

Ari 4

Ari 5

Ari 6

Ari 7

Ari 8

Ari 9

Ari 10

Ari 11

Ari 12

Ari 13