Judah Ray – Newborn Lifestyles Photographer, Hartville, OH

This precious family are the Emericks. Jared, Ashley and the newest little addition Judah Ray Emerick.

This little one has a very special story. According to his father, he was the most prayed for little one in all of Stark County. Jared and Ashley were hoping and praying for an addition to their family and God answered.

Judah was so sweet and tiny! Judah Ray was born in October, and he was 7 lbs 9 oz 18 1/2 inches long. Ashley created the most beautiful little nest of a nursery to welcome him in into. The little details were so sweet. You can tell how much he was anticipated and loved.

This family has one of the biggest hearts for the Lord. Judah is very blessed to have Jared and Ashley as his parents. He has a wonderful life ahead of him.

I love photographing newborn lifestyle sessions. I decided a few years ago against posing newborns in my photography. As a photographer and as a parent myself, I love the connection that is created through a lifestyle family session. You can the see the love and emotion between the parents and the new little one. Also, seeing how small the new baby is in his parents arms is so incredible. They won’t stay that way for long and those are the memories you want to capture to remember forever.

judah 1

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The Steele Family Christmas Mini Session – Louisville, OH Family Photograher

This precious family are very dear friends of ours. Scott and Lindsey have four of the sweetest, most darling little ones you’ll ever meet. Each one of them have such a kind and gentle spirit. They are wonderful role models for my energetic bunch when we come to visit.

The Steele family nailed their Christmas mini session. It was also little Hudson’s 9 month photo session. Lindsey did such a good job matching everyone to the set.

I love offering mini sessions to my families. It is such an easy way for young families with wiggly little ones to get in and get out at quick as possible. Small children and long photo sessions can be very stressful. But with minis the session is done within just a few minutes. And now young families have the opportunity to have photos of the fast growing families too without the stress.

 steele 1

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Mike + Ashely’s Wedding – Waters Edge Vineyard in Louisville, OH

Mike and Ashley Reynolds picked the perfect day last October to get married. It was warm with absolutely gorgeous sunshine!  The Waters Edge Vineyard in Louisville was a perfect choice for their intimate wedding. This venue is very beautiful with multiple options for ceremonies and receptions. Mike and Ashley where brave and chose the outdoor gazebo to have the ceremony. But it worked out beautifully. The live violinist and cellist was such a classy and beautiful touch out on the gazebo.

I also loved the attention to detail in all the decorations in the reception. It suited the couple perfectly. It was so fun to photography. And as for the dancing, I have never seen a more lively group of all ages dancing together. It was so fun. I was so impressed by Steve from Cipriano Productions as the DJ. He definitely was responsible for the lively party. He was able to lead everyone to the dance for and keep the party going all night.

We ended the night out by the lake with the gorgeous fountain which was my favorite part of the whole day. After I took the photo by the fountain I showed it to the bride and she said, “I look like a Disney Princess!” As a photographer, that was on of the nicest compliments a bride could say.

It was such a pleasure working with this sweet couple. And I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Vendor List

Associate Director at Waters Edge – Diane Watson 330-495-6921

Bridal Attire: Doreen Leaf Designs

Cake, cupcakes, or dessert: Purple Door Bakery

DJ or musician: Cipriano Productions

Cellist – Matthew Reese Violinist – Joe Lautzenheiser

Florist: Cathy Cowgill

Invitations: Paper Allure

Jewelry: Taylor Made Jewelry

Officiant: Kenny Thomas

Tuxedo: Doreen Leaf Designs

Favors: Uncommon Scents

Reynolds 2

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Connon Family – Fall Mini Session – Louisville OH Family Photographer

I have been photographing this sweet family for several years. It has been so cute to watch them grow. Not only are they adorable, but so sweet and well behaved. Erin and John are such wonderful parent’s.

Sadly, this was the last time I will be photographing them. They are currently moving back to Texas because of work. But at the end of this post you will find the sweetest message I’ve ever got from a client. It means so much to me that Erin took the time to tell me what I meant to their family. I was very touched. I wish them the very best on this new adventure!

connon fmaily 1

connon fmaily 9

connon fmaily 2

connon fmaily 3

connon fmaily 4

connon fmaily 5

connon fmaily 6

connon fmaily 7

connon fmaily 8

connon fmaily 10


Sean + Sarah Milhoan Maternity Session

Oh, you’re just a small bump unknown, you’ll grow into your skin
With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin
Finger nails the size of a half grain of rice
And eyelids closed to be soon opened wide.

|Ed Sheeran|

This is Sean and Sarah. They are expecting a daughter around Christmas. How lucky is this little girl to have these two beautiful parents? And she is already so loved.

These two nailed their maternity session. I love maternity sessions. There is always so much joy and anticipation.  And posing is so natural and easy! What a special time in life for these two. I was a new parent nearly seven years ago and just like everyone says,  it seams like just yesterday. It is so exciting getting to experience all your little ones first. I wish Sean and Sarah the very best in their new journey as parents. And I hope they savor every moment of it! It is such a wonderful gift from God!

milhoan 1

milhoan 2

milhoan 3

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milhoan 28

Molly + Manny’s Engagement Session – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

How gorgeous are these two? This is Molly and Manny. They will be getting married in only a few weeks!

We had so much fun hiking all over the Virginia Kendall Ledges. My passion in photography is incorporating portraiture in beautiful landscapes. I love doing this with clients and with my own family. So I was so happy when they chose Virginia Kendall.

It was also so nice getting to spend time with Molly and Manny and get to know them before the wedding. They are going to be a such a beautiful bride and groom!

molly and many 1

molly and many 15

molly and many 14

molly and many 13

molly and many 12

molly and many 11

molly and many 10

molly and many 9

molly and many 8

molly and many 7

molly and many 6

molly and many 5

molly and many 4

molly and many 3

molly and many 2

molly and many 16

molly and many 17

molly and many 18

molly and many 19

molly and many 20

molly and many 21

molly and many 22

molly and many 23

molly and many 24

molly and many 25

molly and many 26

molly and many 27

Alyssa + Oliver’s Engagement Session – Canton, OH Wedding Photographer

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot in the grass, listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect, no I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight

| Ed Sheeran |

This is Alyssa and Oliver! And they were so perfect together. Alyssa is sweet and lighthearted. And Oliver constantly had a smile on his face and was trying his hardest to keep Alyssa laughing the whole night. They are so sweet together. You can tell how much they love each other. Alyssa and Oliver have a wedding set for next spring. They were excited to get their engagement session taken to get their save the date’s cards in the mail.

I find it is so much easier for all of us on the wedding day if there was an engagement session taken. We get to know one another and I help my couples realize that getting your photos taken can be enjoyable and even fun! So when the wedding day comes, we are like old friends and the chemistry is so much richer for those  wedding day photos. For this reason I am now offering complementary engagement sessions to all my wedding packages. This way a bride doesn’t have to choose and we can connect before the big day.

Without further ado here is this gorgeous couple’s session in downtown Canton, OH.

Alysssa 1

Alysssa 2

Alysssa 3

Alysssa 4

Alysssa 5

Alysssa 6

Alysssa 7

Alysssa 8

Alysssa 9

Alysssa 10

Alysssa 11

Alysssa 12

Alysssa 13

Alysssa 14

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Alysssa 16

Alysssa 17

Alysssa 18

Alysssa 19

Alysssa 20

Alysssa 21

Alysssa 22

Alysssa 23

Alysssa 24

Alysssa 25

Alysssa 26

Alysssa 27

Dave’s Head Shot Session – Louisville, OH Head Shot Photographer

This is Dave Salewsky of VR Services LLC. Dave contacted me to have professional head shots taken for his Linked In page.  It makes such a difference when you use professional head shots for your business social media pages.  It instantly makes you stand out and look professional. My Business Head Shot Sessions are very affordable. For $75 you can choose three, web-ready, digital files from your session. Then, you can directly add them to your Facebook, Twitter Linked In or Job Search pages. The sessions only take 15 minutes and are at my studio in Louisville, OH. For more information feel free to call or text 330-704-3481 or info@breaunahughes. com.

Dave Paul-1

Dave Paul-2

Dave Paul-3

Michaiah’s Senior Session – McKinley Park, Canton Ohio Photographer

This beautiful young lady is my youngest sister Michaiah. I have been photographing her for nine years since the beginning of my business. She has always been so willing to let me practice posing. So now she is an expert model.

Michaiah graduated school a year early. She is currently going to school for an Occupational Therapist Assistant. She is a very hard worker filling her extra time as an at home health care provider.

 I am so very proud of her. I was 12 when she was born. So I have watched her grow up and turn into a beautiful young women. She was always my little buddy who has grown up to now one of my best friends. She is so loyal and dedicated in everything she does.

I love you Michaiah and I wish all the best to you in this new journey.

Michiaiah 1

Michiaiah 2

Michiaiah 3

Michiaiah 4

Michiaiah 5

Michiaiah 6

Michiaiah 7

Michiaiah 8

Michiaiah 9

Michiaiah 10

Michiaiah 11

Michiaiah 12

Michiaiah 13

Michiaiah 14

Michiaiah 15

Michiaiah 16

Michiaiah 17

Michiaiah 18

Brian + Kalie’s Engagement Session – Cuyahoga Falls National Park – Virginia Kendall Cliffs

“Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are.”

Brian and Kalie were the lucky winners of my Facebook Engagement Session Giveaway in January. Being that Brian lives in New Jersey and Kalie in Columbus we thought it might be a challenge to get them together. Thankfully, the first date we picked out worked!  It was a bit chilly, but beautiful with a gorgeous sunset. You don’t get that lucky in Ohio in March very often.

Brian and Kalie met in college in New Jersey. Then, Brian went on to become a pitcher for the Minnesota Twin for several years. Now he is back finishing up school. And Kalie is almost finished with Veterinarian school and ready to start her internship in Florida soon.

This was my first time shooting at Virginia Kendall Cliffs in Cuyahoga Falls National Park. Even though it is about an hour from Louisville it was definitely worth the drive. We are so lucky to have a National Park so close to home! I was looking at a map the other day and the next nearest National Park is Shenandoah in Virginia.  My family and I love to take advantage of this and we have been trying to take summer trips to hike the whole park a little bit at a time.

When I suggested the Virginia Kendall they were all for it. And Brian and Kalie were such good sports about all the hiking. The trails were a little muddy. And the snow was unexpected.  But it made for very beautiful photos.

It was such a pleasure working with this couple. They were so sweet and easy to work with.

Brian and Kalie, I wish you the very best in your exciting new life together.

Marshel 1

Marshel 2

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