Dente Family

This lovely family are the Dentes.  They are very sweet family friends. My son Liam and their Gavin were in Sunday School, Preschool and on the same soccer team last year. So we got to see a lot of them which was so fun.

They took advantage of my mini sessions last November. You can’t tell, but it was under 30 degrees! The beautiful sunset that evening made up for the cold temperatures.

Dente 1

Dente 2

Dente 3

Dente 4

Dente 5

Dente 6

Dente 7

The Connon Family

This sweet little family are the Connons.  They took advantage of my mini session weekend this past October. This is the first time I got to meet little Valentina. She was a little unsure about the crazy lady with stuffed animals on her head taking her pictures! Her older brother Bear and sister Isa were so sweet to their little sister. They remind me so much of my three being so close to the same ages. And Jon and Erin are always so sweet and such a pleasure to work with. Such a beautiful family.

connon 1

connon 2

connon 4

connon 5

connon 3

connon 6

connon 7

connon 8

connon 9

Higginbotham Family Session

“It’s not what you have in life, but who we have in our life that matters”

–Author Unknown

This is the Higginbotham Family: Matt, Stephanie, Brady and Mikayla.  This family is very close acquaintance of mine. I was so honored when they chose me to photograph them.

Stephanie asked for a family session as a Christmas present. We were very lucky with a warm 38 degree evening to capture this winter session right before Christmas.

And I love how Stephanie ordered enough prints to make gallery walls in different rooms in her home. What a wonderful way decorate her home!

 It was such a pleasure working with this sweet family.

Higgins 1 Higgins 2 Higgins 3 Higgins 4 Higgins 5 Higgins 6 Higgins 7 Higgins 8 Higgins 9 Higgins 10 Higgins 11

Brody + Melinda

I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine – Oceans by Hillsong

This beautiful song was played while Melinda’s father walked her down the aisle. It was so touching how Melinda and Brody made Christ the center of their ceremony. Their faith was very evident in their kindness toward others and their love for each other.

The attention to detail was impeccable at the Phillips wedding. They chose the gorgeous The Barn on Enchanted Acres as their venue. It was a perfect choice for that kind of day. It was 11 degrees as a high for their day! So it was so nice to have the preparation, ceremony and reception all in one location.

The snow blew all morning and afternoon. But as soon as we went out to take pictures the orange sun peeked though the clouds. It was so such a lovely touch to a beautiful day for these two.


Bridal Attire: Toula’s Bridal (Bride) RenzRags (Etsy Shop, Bridesmaids)

Cake, cupcakes, or dessert: Litty’s Bakery

DJ or musician: Steve Anderson

Florist: Silk Worm Florist

Hairstylist & Makeup artist: Danielle Glenn (Hair) Evan Monticelli (Make up)

Tuxedo: Joseph A Bank

Favors: Chocolates by Erin

Philips 1

Philips 39

Philips 2

Philips 3

Philips 4

Philips 5

Philips 6

Philips 7

Philips 8

Philips 9

Philips 12

Philips 14

Philips 15

Philips 16

Philips 17

Philips 18

Philips 10

Philips 11

Philips 13

Philips 19

Philips 20

Philips 21

Philips 22

Philips 23

Philips 24

Philips 25

Philips 26

Philips 27

Philips 28

Philips 29

Philips 30

Philips 31

Philips 32

Philips 33

Philips 34

Philips 35

Philips 36

Philips 37

The Carmany Family – Louisville, OH

This precious family are the Carmanys. They are dear friends of mine. I met Laura in a Mom’s group, which we still attend together, at our church four years ago. We instantly connected because my Liam and her Josiah were close to the same ages. Then, we both got pregnant again at the same time with Charlotte and Nate. Josiah just started Kindergarten as did Liam. It is so cute watching the kiddos grow up together. I count myself lucky to have such a sweet friend who is going through life at the same stage as I am.

Matt and Laura are also the proud owners of The Wholesome Hive. Matt is in charge of the beekeeping part of the business. And Laura has developed a line of high-quality, body and home care products. She has created these products from their honey, beeswax and other all natural ingredients. I love their products! Especially the lip balm. Check it out via the link above.

For the Carmanys session I wanted to use their love of honey making as a part of telling their family’s personal story. All the “props” used in the session are personal items from the family. I wanted to let their family’s personality shine. And by capturing the genuine love and affection they have for each other I think I have.

Carmany 1

Carmany 2

Carmany 3

Carmany 4

Carmany 5

Carmany 6

Carmany 7

Carmany 8

Carmany 9

Carmany 10

Carmany 11

Carmany 12

Carmany 13

Carmany 14

Carmany 15

Carmany 16

Carmany 17

Carmany 18

Carmany 19

Carmany 20

Carmany 21

Carmany 22

Macy’s Senior Session – Sippo Lake Park

This is Macy. She is a senior from Malvern High School.

We had such a beautiful evening for her session at Sippo Lake. The mosquitoes thought it was a nice place to be as well! Thankfully Macy’s mother Trisha remembered to bring the spray. :-)

Macy is so sweet and polite. And Trisha is a kindergarten teacher. With my son starting kindergarten that next week we had a lot to talk about. It was such a pleasure working with these two lovely ladies.

Macy 2 1

Macy 2 2

Macy 2 3

Macy 2 4

Macy 2 5

Macy 2 6

Macy 2 7

Ari’s Senior Session

This lovely young lady is Ari. She is from North Canton, OH and the youngest of five beautiful sisters! Ari is very talented artist and musician. She is also on the cross country running team.

Ari was such a dream to work with. She is so incredibly sweet. She also was very confident and did a lot of the posing all on her own. I told her she has a second career as a model!

I had so much fun with her and her mother Lisa during her session. At the end of every session I try and squeeze in one last photo of the senior and her mother. They look so cute together!

Ari 1

Ari 2

Ari 3

Ari 4

Ari 5

Ari 6

Ari 7

Ari 8

Ari 9

Ari 10

Ari 11

Ari 12

Ari 13

Summit Mall Bridal Show with Event Day Marketing – Fairlawn, OH

On February 18th I had the privilege of photographing the Summit Bridal Show for Dayna Yurkovich. She is the lovely owner of Event Day Marketing. This was the third event I had worked with her and it is always such a pleasure! Event’s come and go and a lot of work goes into them. So if you have an event, think about hiring a professional photographer to capture all the details. It is great resourse material for your website and for marketing purposes. Here are some of the highlights of some of the fun vendors and activities.  Event Day Marketing’s bridal shows always have fabulous professional models and dancers on stage which really liven up the party! It is so much fun to be a part of this event.

Summit Blog 1

Summit Blog 2

Summit Blog 3

Summit Blog 4

Summit Blog 5

Summit Blog 6

Summit Blog 7

Summit Blog 8

Summit Blog 9

Summit Blog 10

Summit Blog 11

Summit Blog 12

Summit Blog 13

Summit Blog 14

Casey + Tyler Wilson’s Wedding

Meet Casey and Tyler. They were possibly the most fun-loving couple I’ve photographed to date! I loved all the details of their wedding that made it so them! Note all the super hero paraphernalia! And their first look was definitely the sweetest I’ve ever seen! Tyler’s reaction was priceless. You can tell how much love they share! Thank you for allowing me to share in your big day!

Wedding Venue: Parkside Church in Green

Reception Venue: Hartville Kitchen

Bridal Attire: Lavender Bridal

Cake, cupcakes, or dessert: Hartville Kitchen

DJ or musician: DJ Crew

Florist: Flowers by Pat

Hairstylist & Makeup artist: Chrissy Smith

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Officiant: Ben Walters

Photo Booth: Black Tie Entertainment


Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse

Favors: St Jude’s Children’s Hospital


Casey + Tyler -5

Casey + Tyler -17

Casey + Tyler -38

Casey + Tyler -61

Casey + Tyler -78

Casey + Tyler -81

Casey + Tyler -83

Casey + Tyler -84

Casey + Tyler -87

Casey + Tyler -91

Casey + Tyler -134

Casey + Tyler -137

Casey + Tyler -140

Casey + Tyler -174

Casey + Tyler -192

Casey + Tyler -207

Casey + Tyler -208

Casey + Tyler -259

Casey + Tyler -260

Casey + Tyler -266

Casey + Tyler -269

Casey + Tyler -274

Casey + Tyler -282

Casey + Tyler -287

Casey + Tyler -291

Casey + Tyler -292

Casey + Tyler -312

Casey + Tyler -315

Casey + Tyler -320

Casey + Tyler -328

Casey + Tyler -331

Casey + Tyler -334

Casey + Tyler -335

Casey + Tyler -340

Casey + Tyler -341

Casey + Tyler -412

Casey + Tyler -426