Brian + Kalie’s Engagement Session – Cuyahoga Falls National Park – Virginia Kendall Cliffs

“Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are.”

Brian and Kalie were the lucky winners of my Facebook Engagement Session Giveaway in January. Being that Brian lives in New Jersey and Kalie in Columbus we thought it might be a challenge to get them together. Thankfully, the first date we picked out worked!  It was a bit chilly, but beautiful with a gorgeous sunset. You don’t get that lucky in Ohio in March very often.

Brian and Kalie met in college in New Jersey. Then, Brian went on to become a pitcher for the Minnesota Twin for several years. Now he is back finishing up school. And Kalie is almost finished with Veterinarian school and ready to start her internship in Florida soon.

This was my first time shooting at Virginia Kendall Cliffs in Cuyahoga Falls National Park. Even though it is about an hour from Louisville it was definitely worth the drive. We are so lucky to have a National Park so close to home! I was looking at a map the other day and the next nearest National Park is Shenandoah in Virginia.  My family and I love to take advantage of this and we have been trying to take summer trips to hike the whole park a little bit at a time.

When I suggested the Virginia Kendall they were all for it. And Brian and Kalie were such good sports about all the hiking. The trails were a little muddy. And the snow was unexpected.  But it made for very beautiful photos.

It was such a pleasure working with this couple. They were so sweet and easy to work with.

Brian and Kalie, I wish you the very best in your exciting new life together.

Marshel 1

Marshel 2

Marshel 3

Marshel 4

Marshel 5

Marshel 6

Marshel 7

Marshel 8

Marshel 9

Marshel 10

Marshel 11

Marshel 12

Marshel 13

Marshel 14

Marshel 15

Marshel 16

Marshel 17

Marshel 18

Marshel 19

Marshel 20

Marshel 21

Marshel 22

Chase and Rachel’s Surprise Proposal! – Gervasi’s Vineyard Photographer

I was so excited for this surprise proposal. Chase contacted me through another photographer friend and it turns out that he went to church with my sister. It was so cool how everything worked out. Chase currently lives in Texas and Rachel in Mentor, OH. He flew in for this surprise proposal using the excuse that he was here to sell a few things to finish the move.  When we had discussed the perfect location for the proposal he suggested Gervasi’s. So we planned a perfect spot behind the villas in between two willows. And there I waited for 45 min while they finished up dinner at the Crush House, keeping the spot open. Several people inquired what I was doing and decided to stay and watch. So when Chase finally got there, there was an audience.  But unfortunately he was so nervous he walked right past the spot and decided to spontaneously propose on the bridge. But it all worked out and I was able to get these beautiful candid photos. She was so happy! I teared up as well. It was such a special moment to be a part of. Later Chase introduced me to Rachel and we finished out the session with a few portraits.

I wish the very best for Chase and Rachel. May God continue to bless you as you start this journey.

Chase + Rachel-2

Chase + Rachel-1

Chase + Rachel-3

Chase + Rachel-5

Chase + Rachel-7

Chase + Rachel-8

Chase + Rachel-12

Chase + Rachel-15

Chase + Rachel-16

Chase + Rachel-18

Chase + Rachel-19

Chase + Rachel-21

Chase + Rachel-22

Chase + Rachel-23

Chase + Rachel-24

Chase + Rachel-27

Chase + Rachel-28

Chase + Rachel-29

Chase + Rachel-31

Chase + Rachel-32

Chase + Rachel-33

Chase + Rachel-34

Chase + Rachel-35

Chase + Rachel-36

Chase + Rachel-37

Chase + Rachel-38

Chase + Rachel-39

Chase + Rachel-40

Chase + Rachel-41

Chase + Rachel-42

Chase + Rachel-45

Chase + Rachel-46

Chase + Rachel-49

Chase + Rachel-50

Chase + Rachel-51

Chase + Rachel-53

Chase + Rachel-55

Chase + Rachel-56

Chase + Rachel-57

Chase + Rachel-58

Chase + Rachel-59

Chase + Rachel-60

Chase + Rachel-61

Chase + Rachel-62


Casey + Tyler Engagement Session – Canton OH Photographer

This fun-loving couple are Casey and Tyler. They have set their wedding date for November 2016.

Both being comic book fans we had to have part of their session at a comic book store. So we started out at Hazel’s Heroes Comic Book Store.  The owner was so obliging to let us shoot wherever we wanted in his shop.  So I want to give him a huge shout out and thank you for his kindness!  And note how Tyler had personalized comic book made for the two of them! How adorably romantic!

Being that it was in the mid 90’s that day we waited until the very end of the day to finish out the rest of the session. Thankfully it cooled off a little. We ended at McKinley Monument. I’ve been shooting around McKinley Monument for seven years. I love how many different locations there are all over the park. And the actual monument always make for a beautiful finish.

Congrats to Casey and Tyler and I can’t wait to photographer their special day as well.











































































Elizabeth and Mark’s Engagement Session – Canton OH Photographer

This classy, beautiful couple are Elizabeth Joseph and Mark Hilton. They will be tying the knot on September 24th, 2016. They are a very sweet and very active couple.

Mark is a Sales Engineer and frequently travels to Germany for his job. But when he is home he and Elizabeth are huge fitness buffs and love working out together. He also loves to cook. Fun Fact: They were friends for seven years before he proposed to her! Elizabeth has a background in fashion and runs the Mainstream Boutique in North Canton with her sister Rebecca Paliswat. It is a really cool boutique! Check it out here:

They had many ideas for their unique engagement session. It was a bit of a challenge to fit it all in, but I love a good challenge! We started out at Cuyahoga Falls River Square. Then we headed to the Metro Gorge Falls. I love taking portraits in the Mary Campbell cave. Such beautiful quality of light and fantastic texture on the walls. Then we rushed home, picked up their sweet little dog Nellie and headed over to Sippo Lake Park. All the shots taken at Sippo were Elizabeth’s idea and it work out beautifully. She arrange for the bike rental from Ernie’s Bike shop. I love the vintage inspired design of the bikes. She also wanted to have some fun photos of them swinging on the playground. They were so cute and pulled off playful and romantic all at the same time. Then we drove over to the docks with Nellie and squeezed the last few photos of them with the sun setting over the lake. It was a perfect session with perfect weather and an even more perfect couple. Elizabeth and Mark are very sweet and I can’t wait to photograph their special day!


North Canton Mainstreet Boutique:

Ernie’s Bike Shop:

Little Chicago Clothing Co:

Liz and Mark

Liz and Mark-2

Liz and Mark-3

Liz and Mark-4

Liz and Mark-5

Liz and Mark-7

Liz and Mark-8

Liz and Mark-10

Liz and Mark-11

Liz and Mark-13

Liz and Mark-14

Liz and Mark-16

Liz and Mark-17

Liz and Mark-19

Liz and Mark-20

Liz and Mark-24

Liz and Mark-25

Liz and Mark-26

Liz and Mark-28

Liz and Mark-30

Liz and Mark-31

Liz and Mark-33

Liz and Mark-34

Liz and Mark-37

Liz and Mark-39

Liz and Mark-41

Liz and Mark-42

Liz and Mark-44

Liz and Mark-47

Liz and Mark-51

Liz and Mark-53

Liz and Mark-54

Liz and Mark-57

 Liz and Mark-59

Liz and Mark-61

 Liz and Mark-63

Liz and Mark-66

 Liz and Mark-65

Liz and Mark-69

Liz and Mark-70

Liz and Mark-72

Liz and Mark-73

Liz and Mark-76

Liz and Mark-77

Liz and Mark-80

Liz and Mark-82

Liz and Mark-87

Liz and Mark-88

Liz and Mark-90

Liz and Mark-91

Liz and Mark-92

Liz and Mark-93

Liz and Mark-94

Liz and Mark-95

Liz and Mark-96

Liz and Mark-97

Liz and Mark-100

Liz and Mark-104

Liz and Mark-107

Liz and Mark-111

Liz and Mark-113

Liz and Mark-115

Liz and Mark-122

Liz and Mark-124

Liz and Mark-125

Liz and Mark-127

Liz and Mark-129

Liz and Mark-131

Liz and Mark-135

Liz and Mark-137

Liz and Mark-139

Liz and Mark-145


Destanie and Daniel’s Engagement Session – Cuyahoga Falls Wedding Photographer

This incredibly adorable couple are Destanie and Daniel or as they call themselves, D-Squared. 😉 I met them at the Belden Village Bridal Show in January. They are so in love and pretty much the cutest. I barely had to help them pose. They were so comfortable and relaxed. I think sometimes they forgot I even was there!

We started out in the Cuyahoga Falls River Square. Then we drove the short distance to the Gorge Metro Park. That was my first time shooting there and I was amazed at the height of the gorge! Also, the Mary Campbell Cave was fantastic. I loved all the texture and the beautiful light coming through. I will definitely be back. Then, we raced home just in time to catch the sunset at the Walsh University track field. They wanted to tie in this track field because that is where they first met. Dan and Destanie’s brother use to run together. Destanie came to watch him and Dan quickly introduced himself. The rest is history!

Destanie works for the United States Postal Service as a mail carrier. Dan is a financial analysis. And between the two of them they have five children! I got to meet them later that night and they have a beautiful family!

It was such a pleasure working with these two. Sometimes I feel like I get the best clients! I’m so thankful that they chose me to remember this special time in their lives. Congratulations Dan and Destanie!

Destanie and Daniel

Destanie and Daniel-2

 Destanie and Daniel-4 Destanie and Daniel-5 Destanie and Daniel-6

Destanie and Daniel-8

 Destanie and Daniel-10 Destanie and Daniel-11   Destanie and Daniel-14 Destanie and Daniel-15  Destanie and Daniel-17 Destanie and Daniel-18

Destanie and Daniel-20

Destanie and Daniel-21 Destanie and Daniel-22 Destanie and Daniel-23  Destanie and Daniel-25 Destanie and Daniel-26         Destanie and Daniel-35  Destanie and Daniel-37     Destanie and Daniel-42

Destanie and Daniel-43

Destanie and Daniel-44

Destanie and Daniel-45

Destanie and Daniel-46

Destanie and Daniel-48

Destanie and Daniel-51  Destanie and Daniel-53  Destanie and Daniel-55

Destanie and Daniel-56
Destanie and Daniel-60 Destanie and Daniel-61 Destanie and Daniel-62 Destanie and Daniel-63 Destanie and Daniel-64 Destanie and Daniel-65 Destanie and Daniel-66

Destanie and Daniel-69 Destanie and Daniel-71 Destanie and Daniel-72 Destanie and Daniel-73 Destanie and Daniel-74 Destanie and Daniel-75 Destanie and Daniel-76 Destanie and Daniel-77 Destanie and Daniel-79 Destanie and Daniel-80 Destanie and Daniel-81 Destanie and Daniel-82 Destanie and Daniel-84 Destanie and Daniel-86 Destanie and Daniel-87

Jason and Marie’s Family Session – F. A. Seiberling Nature Realm – Akron, OH

I photographed Jason and Marie’s  wedding a few weeks ago. We didn’t get a chance to squeeze in their engagement session before the wedding. So I made an exception and allowed them to replace it with a family session with little Owen after the wedding. It was so much fun because we’ve already gotten to know each other during the wedding. And even though we had to dodge raindrops the trees were so vibrant it made for a beautiful backdrop.























Emily and Mike’s Winter Engagement Session – McKinley Park, Canton, OH

This sweet couple is Emily and Mike. Emily contacted me about having pictures done with her boyfriend while they were both on military leave. They serve in the Navy together on the same ship in Japan. Emily is from Wyoming and Mike is from Louisville, OH. But Mike secretly had other plans. He had planned on using this session to propose to Emily. But the night before while they were watching the Super Bowl game he had the ring with him and couldn’t wait any longer. So had ask her to marry him and she accepted! So our mini winter session turned into a mini engagement session.

I just want to mention what troopers these two were. We took this session at 9 am, the temperature was 12 degrees and the windchill was -1 degree! We could only shoot about 10 minutes at a time before they had to bundle back up for a few minutes. But I think the freshly fallen snow and beautiful morning light made it all worth it!

Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH 9 Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH 8 Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH 7 Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH 6 Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH 5 Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH 4 Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH 2 Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH 1 Winter Engagement Photography Canton OH