Sean + Sarah Milhoan Maternity Session

Oh, you’re just a small bump unknown, you’ll grow into your skin
With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin
Finger nails the size of a half grain of rice
And eyelids closed to be soon opened wide.

|Ed Sheeran|

This is Sean and Sarah. They are expecting a daughter around Christmas. How lucky is this little girl to have these two beautiful parents? And she is already so loved.

These two nailed their maternity session. I love maternity sessions. There is always so much joy and anticipation.  And posing is so natural and easy! What a special time in life for these two. I was a new parent nearly seven years ago and just like everyone says,  it seams like just yesterday. It is so exciting getting to experience all your little ones first. I wish Sean and Sarah the very best in their new journey as parents. And I hope they savor every moment of it! It is such a wonderful gift from God!

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Shawn and Danielle’s Maternity Session – Quail Hollow – Hartville OH Photographer

This precious couple is Shawn and Danielle. They were so sweet and easy going which made this such a fun session.  They are going to make fantastic parents to their new little girl. They also waited very patiently for a sunny evening to create some of these beautiful back light images. As a photographer I was having the time of my life working with this gorgeous light.  It was such a treat.

























Louisa & Andrew’s Maternity Session – Quail Hollow State Park, Hartville, OH

These adorable soon-to-be parents are Louisa and Andrew Hodgson. Their first child, a daughter, is due on Louisa’s birthday October 4th. This little girl is very lucky to have such wonderful and kind parents. Louisa is a nurse and Andrew is an IT consultant currently commuting to New York City. Louisa is my older sister and this little girl will be my first niece on my side of the family. This being said, we are all very anxious to meet her.

Louisa and Andrew-3

Louisa and Andrew-2

Louisa and Andrew-9

Louisa and Andrew-12

Louisa and Andrew-13

Louisa and Andrew-15

Louisa and Andrew-17

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Louisa and Andrew-22

Louisa and Andrew-27

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Louisa and Andrew-36

Louisa and Andrew-40

Louisa and Andrew-43

Louisa and Andrew-45

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Louisa and Andrew-50

Louisa and Andrew-58

Louisa and Andrew-60

Louisa and Andrew-62

Louisa and Andrew-70

Louisa and Andrew-71

Louisa and Andrew-75

Louisa and Andrew-80

Louisa and Andrew-82

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Louisa and Andrew-88

Louisa and Andrew-93

Louisa and Andrew-94

Jessica and Jeremy Mika’s Maternity Session – Minerva, OH

This cute couple are Jessica and Jeremy Mika. You may notice a resemblance because Jessica is my oldest sister. The Mikas are expecting their first child December 12th. We are all very excited to welcome this new little one into our family. I don’t believe anyone is more ecstatic about becoming parents than these two!

This session took place at my parent’s beautiful home. We were happy that we were able to capture the fall foliage along with this session. But the sun decided to hide that day. So the majority of the pictures took place in our neighbor’s open cow pasture to provided more light. And even though we were extremely cautious, the inevitable happened. In an attempt to get the perfect shot, I quickly backed up without looking and stepped directly into a fresh cow patty! It wouldn’t have been so bad except that I was wearing flip flops and my foot slid to the side directly into the disgustingness! I will have to say though, that I was thankful it was just family who witnessed the scene!

But the rest of the session was perfect! I was very honored that I was able to capture the love and excitement that is taking place during this season of Jessica and Jeremy’s lives! They are going to have so many first time experiences this upcoming year! Being blessed with a child is such a miracle. But best of all, my kiddos will now have a new cousin!!

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH4

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 2

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 5

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 6

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 7

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 8

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 1

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 18

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 9

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 10

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 11

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 12

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 13

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 14

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 15

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 16

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH 3

Mika Maternity Photography - Canton OH

Mike and Trina’s Maternity Session

 Arrowhead Orchard near East Canton, OH was very obliging in allowing us to photograph in their gorgeous orchard. This couple is very special to me. Not only are we good friends, but Mike is also my cousin. I had the privilege of taking their engagement session four years ago and now they are welcoming a baby boy on December 25th! I wish all the best to this incredibly sweet couple!