Charlotte’s Eighteen Month Session – Louisville OH, Family Photographer

This little lady is eighteen months old! This time of year it’s hard to find a good location to take pictures outdoors. But the dead brush, combined with the setting golden sunlight makes a perfect backdrop. Poor Charlotte is currently teething and wasn’t really in to her little session. She only game me about five good minutes before we had to leave.

A funny thing happened right before we left. This session took place at an abandoned airport strip just down the hill from my home. I’ve photographed my family there several times. But for some odd reason someone was driving by and saw me with Charlotte near the woods. They wrote down our license plate and called the police to report possible abandonment. But they never stuck around to see me put my daughter back into our van and drive home?!? So exactly one hour later a police officer showed up at our house shines his flashlight in our windows looking for Charlotte. It startled my husband and he asked the police officer if he could help him. He asked to see the kids and then wanted to talk to me. He said that they had been looking for a small child in the woods for 45 minutes! I felt so bad that I caused them all that hassle. But he didn’t seem too concerned. And I verified that I had permission to shoot at the airport and he said, “I have no problem with it. I bet it makes for great pictures doesn’t it?” It was a very exciting night for us.

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2016 Belden Bridal Show

This past weekend January 23-24, 2016 I participated in the Belden Village Bridal Show.  Although this was my first bridal show, this was my second event hosted by Dayna Yurkovich at Event Day Marketing. She and her team do a wonderful job of guiding you along before and during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

You never realize until you are a part of an event like this how much time and effort is takes to run a booth. This show, along with the redesigning of my website took over a month to prepare. But it was well worth it. I was able to meet so many lovely brides and even lovelier vendors. I was pleasantly surprised how friendly everyone was. Brides were willing to chat with me and vendors were more than pleased to network and share ideas.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I was a participant.

Bridal Show-3

Bridal Show-1

Bridal Show-4

Bridal Show-7

Bridal Show-11

Bridal Show-9

Bridal Show-10

Bridal Show-8


My Project 365 (one photo of my family every day for a year) is now complete. There were times I wanted to give up. Especially when I felt that my photos weren’t all show stoppers. But from this I have gotten a few incredible images and the rest are great memories of 2015. If you have followed along with me this year bless you. Except for family, I wasn’t sure people would like to see 365 pictures of my children. 😉 But words to my photography friends who haven’t done this project: Do it! I threw around the idea for two years before I committed. Having your camera in hand every single day has improved my skill and confidence incredibly. It is also so rewarding to have all of the precious memories of our whole year preserved. So if you’re on the fence, let me encourage you to just do it!
















The only good thing about diaper rash is playtime in sink to cool off her tushie.




Days 308-324

November 2015-262 November 2015-260 November 2015-267

A fantastic way to wash the car with small children is to put them inside the car to contain and entertain them.

November 2015-269 November 2015-272 November 2015-274

Daddy had to work all through Thanksgiving weekend. So Aunt Marissa came to stay with us.

November 2015-276

Thomas the Train at the Macy’s Day Parade!

November 2015-281

Playing a Captain Kangaroo game with Aunt Marissa.

November 2015-282

Uncle Isaac reading the Giving Tree.

November 2015-283

The sky was such an unusual color one morning. We had to go outside and see.

November 2015-288

This little ham has to climb on the counter, or stand on a stool and “help” me put on make up every time.

November 2015-291

November 2015-299

Playing with shadows at 6:30am

November 2015-302

Suppertime at Grandma and Grandpa Griffiths

November 2015-306

November 2015-309

Day 275 – 308

Nov pic-1

Nov pic-2

Charlotte and my dad have a special relationship. She loves him very much which is so precious. When he was here helping us install our flooring she followed him around all day. When he had to go outside to make a cut she would stand by the door and wait for him to come back. It was so cute.

Nov pic-3 Nov pic-4

Uncle Andrew is the best. He is so sweet to always play with Liam and my brother Isaac when we get together.

Nov pic-6

While looking at this Toys R Us catalog Liam said, “I want it to be Christmas now!”

Nov pic-7

This moment was pretty cute. We were all snug inside this cold wet afternoon while Charlotte was taking a nap. Then Liam looked out the window and said, “Mom look, there is fog! Do you want to go take a picture?” Of course! It was actually rain pretty good but we grabbed this picture and ran back inside.

Nov pic-8

For Halloween my sister Marissa decided to go as Ruby from Once Upon a Time. She bought a Christmas tablecloth from Goodwill and we transformed it into her costume thanks to Pinterest.

Nov pic-5

I love how our new flooring encourages more activity. From crafts to building towers, it’s way more fun on a hard surface!

Nov pic-9

Nov pic-10

I love this photo. It is such a good representation of when I try and get pictures of these two together at this age. Liam tries and Charlotte ignores me at all cost! And she also will never keep a hat or hair bow in.

Nov pic-11

These two are so sweet together. Charlotte cuddles him like none other.

Nov pic-13 Nov pic-14

“Here Mom, take a picture!”

Nov pic-12

While the kiddos were taking a four wheeler ride with Grandpa my sister Michaiah and I decided to chase the last bit of sunlight and sit and chat. She looked so pretty I couldn’t resist.

Nov pic-17

Nov pic-15

Nov pic-16 Nov pic-18 Nov pic-19

Brother where are you?

Nov pic-20

The kiddos were amused by this war memorial on our walk towards downtown Louisville.

Nov pic-21

Liam was patiently waiting for his aunt Louisa to arrive with his new cousin Lacy for a walk at the park.

Nov pic-22 Nov pic-23

Charlotte was cracking up at Liam eating his “picnic” like a crazy man.

Nov pic-24

Nov pic-25

These two had a blast at Amazone in Medina.

Nov pic-26 Nov pic-27 Nov pic-28

My parents went away for their anniversary and we had my brother and sister stay with us for the weekend. Soon after their arrival I was making dinner and saw this. I thought it was so cute.

Nov pic-29 Nov pic-30

Uncle Andrew and Uncle Isaac were providing lunchtime entertainment.

Nov pic-31

A new way to watch tv.

Nov pic-32 Nov pic-33

Day 243-274

There has been so many fun activities lately and such beautiful weather! The leaves are absolutely gorgeous right now and there is so much sunshine! Here is what we’ve been up two the last few weeks.




I love this one. This was the result of trick or treating at the library. The kids came home and broke into all their “goodies”.



Popcorn and watching Curious George’s “Boofest” for the twentieth time.




The kids had to come to work with me for a little while at a Christmas Tree farm. I left them between the trees with snacks while I went about my business. They were so good.




I anticipated this photo. Whenever I shut the bathroom door this happens.










We had a fun time with at the Akron Zoo with friends.













Day 226 – 242

Fall is in full force here in Ohio. And there are so many fun things to discover when you are a toddler.

Days 200-1

Jumpy toads are so funny!

Days 200-2

Catching the last bit of the sunshine with Aunt Marissa

Days 200-3

Checking out the neighbor’s decorations.

Days 200-4

“Fall leaves fall!”

Days 200-5

Are those acorns in my bucket?

Days 200-6

Days 200-7

Go Aunt Michaiah go! Beat Massilion!

Days 200-8

Introducing Baby Lacy, my new precious niece!

Days 200-9

I spotted these two cracking up at each other while I was pumping gas.

Days 200-10

Days 200-11

Days 200-12

Days 200-1-2

Days 200-13

Winston came to visit.

Days 200-14

Days 200-15


Arrowhead Orchard with Mema Hughes

Days 200-16

Corn pit in the giant tepee

Days 200-17

First Friends Food Drive – Canton, OH

Last Sunday my church, First Friends of Canton Ohio hosted a food drive. They had vans ready at Aldi to collect the groceries and bring back to the pantry. I was asked to photograph the event. I was so impressed by the generosity displayed by all of the shoppers. Not only the generosity of the members from our church, but also the members of the community. They would buy extra groceries during their own shopping or just hand us money to donate. The event was a success. The pantry is completely stocked and ready for  many families in need this winter.

Food Drive-52

Food Drive-4

Food Drive-2

Food Drive-25

Food Drive-29

Food Drive-26

Food Drive-38

Food Drive-5

Food Drive-8

Food Drive-9

Food Drive-10

Food Drive-15

Food Drive-18

Food Drive-13

Food Drive-21

Food Drive-22

Food Drive-6

Food Drive-31

Food Drive-33

Food Drive-36

Food Drive-40

Food Drive-42

Food Drive-46

Food Drive-48

Food Drive-50

Food Drive-51

Food Drive-55

Food Drive-56

Food Drive-60

Food Drive-63

Food Drive-7

Food Drive-66

Food Drive-67

Food Drive-69

Food Drive-71

Food Drive-76

Food Drive-77

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Food Drive-81

Food Drive-82

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Food Drive-86

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Food Drive-30

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Food Drive-98

Liam’s Styled Three and a Half Year Session – Louisville, OH




This smiley little guy is our son Liam. Every year on my children’s half birthdays I like to have a stylized session to see how much they’ve grown. On their real birthdays I just have a regular portrait session and then mix it up a little half way through the year. And these styled sessions tend to be my favorites.

This year it was easy to decide what to do since we just made this little tepee for Liam’s new bedroom. The antlers were a gift from his great grandpa and the lantern was a freebie from the Hartville Flea Market.

As a side note, although this session looks easy and relaxed it was quite the opposite. Liam has reached an age now that he doesn’t like when Mommy has a camera in his face. It is a challenge to get eye contact. And I had to work incredibly fast because the whole session only lasted 10 minutes before he was bored and ran off. Photographing toddlers is quite the challenge, but photographing your own is even harder. So I was so thankful that I was able to get these sweet images of him. Happy 3 1/2 birthday Liam. 😉