Chase and Rachel’s Surprise Proposal! – Gervasi’s Vineyard Photographer

I was so excited for this surprise proposal. Chase contacted me through another photographer friend and it turns out that he went to church with my sister. It was so cool how everything worked out. Chase currently lives in Texas and Rachel in Mentor, OH. He flew in for this surprise proposal using the excuse that he was here to sell a few things to finish the move.  When we had discussed the perfect location for the proposal he suggested Gervasi’s. So we planned a perfect spot behind the villas in between two willows. And there I waited for 45 min while they finished up dinner at the Crush House, keeping the spot open. Several people inquired what I was doing and decided to stay and watch. So when Chase finally got there, there was an audience.  But unfortunately he was so nervous he walked right past the spot and decided to spontaneously propose on the bridge. But it all worked out and I was able to get these beautiful candid photos. She was so happy! I teared up as well. It was such a special moment to be a part of. Later Chase introduced me to Rachel and we finished out the session with a few portraits.

I wish the very best for Chase and Rachel. May God continue to bless you as you start this journey.

Chase + Rachel-2

Chase + Rachel-1

Chase + Rachel-3

Chase + Rachel-5

Chase + Rachel-7

Chase + Rachel-8

Chase + Rachel-12

Chase + Rachel-15

Chase + Rachel-16

Chase + Rachel-18

Chase + Rachel-19

Chase + Rachel-21

Chase + Rachel-22

Chase + Rachel-23

Chase + Rachel-24

Chase + Rachel-27

Chase + Rachel-28

Chase + Rachel-29

Chase + Rachel-31

Chase + Rachel-32

Chase + Rachel-33

Chase + Rachel-34

Chase + Rachel-35

Chase + Rachel-36

Chase + Rachel-37

Chase + Rachel-38

Chase + Rachel-39

Chase + Rachel-40

Chase + Rachel-41

Chase + Rachel-42

Chase + Rachel-45

Chase + Rachel-46

Chase + Rachel-49

Chase + Rachel-50

Chase + Rachel-51

Chase + Rachel-53

Chase + Rachel-55

Chase + Rachel-56

Chase + Rachel-57

Chase + Rachel-58

Chase + Rachel-59

Chase + Rachel-60

Chase + Rachel-61

Chase + Rachel-62


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