Day 275 – 308

Nov pic-1

Nov pic-2

Charlotte and my dad have a special relationship. She loves him very much which is so precious. When he was here helping us install our flooring she followed him around all day. When he had to go outside to make a cut she would stand by the door and wait for him to come back. It was so cute.

Nov pic-3 Nov pic-4

Uncle Andrew is the best. He is so sweet to always play with Liam and my brother Isaac when we get together.

Nov pic-6

While looking at this Toys R Us catalog Liam said, “I want it to be Christmas now!”

Nov pic-7

This moment was pretty cute. We were all snug inside this cold wet afternoon while Charlotte was taking a nap. Then Liam looked out the window and said, “Mom look, there is fog! Do you want to go take a picture?” Of course! It was actually rain pretty good but we grabbed this picture and ran back inside.

Nov pic-8

For Halloween my sister Marissa decided to go as Ruby from Once Upon a Time. She bought a Christmas tablecloth from Goodwill and we transformed it into her costume thanks to Pinterest.

Nov pic-5

I love how our new flooring encourages more activity. From crafts to building towers, it’s way more fun on a hard surface!

Nov pic-9

Nov pic-10

I love this photo. It is such a good representation of when I try and get pictures of these two together at this age. Liam tries and Charlotte ignores me at all cost! And she also will never keep a hat or hair bow in.

Nov pic-11

These two are so sweet together. Charlotte cuddles him like none other.

Nov pic-13 Nov pic-14

“Here Mom, take a picture!”

Nov pic-12

While the kiddos were taking a four wheeler ride with Grandpa my sister Michaiah and I decided to chase the last bit of sunlight and sit and chat. She looked so pretty I couldn’t resist.

Nov pic-17

Nov pic-15

Nov pic-16 Nov pic-18 Nov pic-19

Brother where are you?

Nov pic-20

The kiddos were amused by this war memorial on our walk towards downtown Louisville.

Nov pic-21

Liam was patiently waiting for his aunt Louisa to arrive with his new cousin Lacy for a walk at the park.

Nov pic-22 Nov pic-23

Charlotte was cracking up at Liam eating his “picnic” like a crazy man.

Nov pic-24

Nov pic-25

These two had a blast at Amazone in Medina.

Nov pic-26 Nov pic-27 Nov pic-28

My parents went away for their anniversary and we had my brother and sister stay with us for the weekend. Soon after their arrival I was making dinner and saw this. I thought it was so cute.

Nov pic-29 Nov pic-30

Uncle Andrew and Uncle Isaac were providing lunchtime entertainment.

Nov pic-31

A new way to watch tv.

Nov pic-32 Nov pic-33

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