Days 308-324

November 2015-262 November 2015-260 November 2015-267

A fantastic way to wash the car with small children is to put them inside the car to contain and entertain them.

November 2015-269 November 2015-272 November 2015-274

Daddy had to work all through Thanksgiving weekend. So Aunt Marissa came to stay with us.

November 2015-276

Thomas the Train at the Macy’s Day Parade!

November 2015-281

Playing a Captain Kangaroo game with Aunt Marissa.

November 2015-282

Uncle Isaac reading the Giving Tree.

November 2015-283

The sky was such an unusual color one morning. We had to go outside and see.

November 2015-288

This little ham has to climb on the counter, or stand on a stool and “help” me put on make up every time.

November 2015-291

November 2015-299

Playing with shadows at 6:30am

November 2015-302

Suppertime at Grandma and Grandpa Griffiths

November 2015-306

November 2015-309

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