The Carmany Family – Louisville, OH

This precious family are the Carmanys. They are dear friends of mine. I met Laura in a Mom’s group, which we still attend together, at our church four years ago. We instantly connected because my Liam and her Josiah were close to the same ages. Then, we both got pregnant again at the same time with Charlotte and Nate. Josiah just started Kindergarten as did Liam. It is so cute watching the kiddos grow up together. I count myself lucky to have such a sweet friend who is going through life at the same stage as I am.

Matt and Laura are also the proud owners of The Wholesome Hive. Matt is in charge of the beekeeping part of the business. And Laura has developed a line of high-quality, body and home care products. She has created these products from their honey, beeswax and other all natural ingredients. I love their products! Especially the lip balm. Check it out via the link above.

For the Carmanys session I wanted to use their love of honey making as a part of telling their family’s personal story. All the “props” used in the session are personal items from the family. I wanted to let their family’s personality shine. And by capturing the genuine love and affection they have for each other I think I have.

Carmany 1

Carmany 2

Carmany 3

Carmany 4

Carmany 5

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Carmany 22

Isaac – Minerva, OH Family Photographer

Meet Isaac. This handsome young man is my brother. He is the youngest of five sisters. He will be turning 14 in a couple of months. Isaac likes Minecraft, building forts in the woods for his air soft gun wars and he recently purchased his first cross bow. He is also on the football team at his school in Carrollton. He is one of my favorite people. He is very sweet, thoughtful and so much fun to hang out with. He is also an awesome uncle and role model for my son Liam.


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot

Leo’s First Birthday Cake Smash Session – Louisville OH Child Photographer

Check out this stylish little guy’s first birthday session. We started out with a few photos with his big sister Gia. Then we took a few of Leo in his adorable bow tie and moccasins. Then it was time for the Cake Smash! At first he was only interested in tasting the icing. Then finally at the end he was all into it.  The whole family came to watch this event. It was so much fun to watch and photograph. Happy Birthday Leo!

Cake: Sweet Tooth Treats – Louisville, OH

Diaper Cover and Bow tie – Etsy






Leo-10 Leo-11






Leo-20 Leo-21 Leo-22


Leo-25 Leo-26 Leo-27 Leo-28 Leo-30

Week 28-32

You might have noticed I’ve been behind on my weekly project. Starting August 1 our lives have been crazy busy. We decided to remodel four rooms in our home all at the same time. Plus with this being my busy season for my photography business, it has been a struggle to get my photos taken every day. With that being said I am still going to try and plug away and hopefully get caught up. I just love that I will have these candid moments captured of our family every day in 2015. So here is the next four weeks…


This special moment was the gathering for Charlotte’s first party in our backyard.


Mommy’s big helper. Liam helping prepare his new bedroom.


My family went on vacation and we got to pet sit for my sister’s hamster Guinevere for three weeks. The kiddos enjoyed her so much. And of course she had to have her own little photo session.


This photo is so precious to me. This summer while Charlotte was learning to walk, Liam loved helping her. He was almost constantly helping her walk around the house and yard.


Looking for grapes at Grandpas.


Liam and his best bud Josiah are here playing at my parent’s home. They were looking for salamanders.  I grew up playing up in this little creek with my sisters. It warms my heart seeing my son now enjoy playing here too.



This is sibling teamwork at it’s best. While I was cleaning up lunch dishes I found these two in the bathroom. Charlotte was emptying the contents of the drawer into the sink and her brother was washing everything.


This is the face of pure concentration while putting together a shoe rack for Mommy.


I was lucky that my camera was near by to catch this moment. So precious.



Sister time with half the crew. I will never stop appreciating this little patio set I found on Craiglist this summer. We have spent so much time enjoying dinner and good conversation outside.


This was also a new addition to our backyard this summer. This swing was made by Liam’s grandpa and hung by Daddy. I love the little dirt spot that has appeared under the swing. I also love how long the rope is. The kiddos will have a lot of fun with this swing.


Baby Jabin came over for a swim in our kiddie pools. Liam loves his cousin.











Catching fireflies.


Breakfast at Great Grandma’s cabin.