The Carmany Family – Louisville, OH

This precious family are the Carmanys. They are dear friends of mine. I met Laura in a Mom’s group, which we still attend together, at our church four years ago. We instantly connected because my Liam and her Josiah were close to the same ages. Then, we both got pregnant again at the same time with Charlotte and Nate. Josiah just started Kindergarten as did Liam. It is so cute watching the kiddos grow up together. I count myself lucky to have such a sweet friend who is going through life at the same stage as I am.

Matt and Laura are also the proud owners of The Wholesome Hive. Matt is in charge of the beekeeping part of the business. And Laura has developed a line of high-quality, body and home care products. She has created these products from their honey, beeswax and other all natural ingredients. I love their products! Especially the lip balm. Check it out via the link above.

For the Carmanys session I wanted to use their love of honey making as a part of telling their family’s personal story. All the “props” used in the session are personal items from the family. I wanted to let their family’s personality shine. And by capturing the genuine love and affection they have for each other I think I have.

Carmany 1

Carmany 2

Carmany 3

Carmany 4

Carmany 5

Carmany 6

Carmany 7

Carmany 8

Carmany 9

Carmany 10

Carmany 11

Carmany 12

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Carmany 22

Week 15

Week 15

Week 15-1-2

This all American boy has an obsession with french fries. I’m not sure how this has come about since he has only had them less than a dozen times in this three years. But for his birthday celebration we took him out for dinner and to Chucky Cheese. He had a fun night.

Week 15-6

Bed Head

Week 15-4

Liam received this mower for his birthday and now likes to mow the dead grass like it’s his job!

Week 15-2

I was excited to catch this moment with Charlotte trying to touch her shadow. She does the same thing with laser pointers. Sometimes she reminds me of a kitten.

Week 15-5

Charlotte can make this walker go pretty good in reverse. We are still working on the forward motion. :-)

Week 15-1

Aunt Michaiah and Aunt Louisa are playing with Charlotte at Grandma and Grandpa Griffith’s house.

Week 14

Week 14

Week 14-2

It is so nice living in town where you can easily walk to three different playgrounds and parks. This one is at the elementary school where Liam will some day attend.

Week 14-5

“Hello Mommy!” This little girl lights up when I take her picture. I do believe she will be like her brother who has unintentionally been conditioned to smile every time I bring out my camera.

Week 14-1

I spied this scene from the top of a six foot ladder. 😉

Week 14-3

We sure love when Mema and Popa Hughes comes to visit us from Indianapolis!

Week 14-4

Liam is so blessed to have such an amazing extended family that love him just as much as his Mommy and Daddy. This special gift that he is opening is a book of photos of every member in his family including their names. With four grandparents, eleven aunts and uncles, and five cousins across three states, it’s hard to keep everyone straight (not including his six great-grandparents!). So I put together this book for him to remember. Happy 3rd Birthday Liam!

Week 14-6

The best part of birthdays are the days after where non stop play occurs with all the new toys! I found it amusing that Liam knew exactly what to do with the scalpel knife. He tried to cut the bear’s ear and arm. Thank goodness it’s plastic. Also, I think we will be restricting his choice of patients to only include stuffed animals (and not his sister).

Week 12

Week elevan

Week 11-12-12

Liam in his favorite room in the house: the bathroom. So much mischief to be had!

Week 11-12-9

This is my sweet friend Laura. We met a year and a half ago and discovered we had so many things in common. The biggest being our children are the same ages and love to play together. She is also the owner of the Wholesome Hive which features handmade all natural body and home care products and raw honey. If you’d like to check it out the website:

Week 11-12-10

This day was usually foggy and cold. But we needed an opportunity to try out Liam’s new rain boots.

Week 11-12-7

I went to go kiss Liam good night and found these two. Note the convenient little peep holes Liam created for himself in his shade.

Week 11-12-1-2

Week 11-12-11

Fun in the sunshine with Aunt Marissa!

Week 11

Week 12

Week 11-12-1

Liam and I have a Saturday morning ritual of making waffles together. He starts requesting waffles midweek and then every morning until finally Saturday arrives. Not pancakes, not french toast, not crepes, just waffles. He is a boy after his mother’s heart!

Week 11-12-3

Week 11-12-6

Charlotte and Zane were conceived two weeks apart, but were born two months apart. You can barely tell now they are about the same size!

Week 11-12-2

This is one of Liam’s rare, gentler moments with his Aunt Michaiah’s hamster Guinevere.

Week 11-12-5

Pink Starfish

Week 11-12-8

This incredible structure is the tree house we always hoped for as children but did not come about until there were grandchildren. :-) Inside this impressive Swiss Family Robinson styled tree house are two levels, a main floor and a loft. Plans have already been made for Adam, Liam and my brother Isaac to camp out sometime this summer. Liam sure is blessed to have such a talented Grandpa!

Week Ten

Week 10

Week 10-1-2

This little one has a newly discovered love for books. This one in particular, which was also a favorite of her brother’s at that age.

Week 10-4

I was outside taking pictures of the house lit up after yet another snow storm when I saw this scene. They were watching their crazy Mommy outside!

Week 10-1

Somehow the cold does not affect Liam. He would sled ride all day if we would let him!

Week 10-5

This lovely group of ladies are part of our Tuesday morning Mom’s Group. It is so refreshing to connect and study together every week.

Week 10-2

I was going to attempt to replace a piece of hardware in our computer tower. But my brother-in-law advised against it and offered to do it for me in return for dinner (no argument there). He is so patient and kind to his niece and nephews. Liam loves his “Uncle Annew (Andrew)”.

Week 10-3

This bearded stud and I had the privilege of attending a marriage retreat together this past weekend. We had a wonderful time hanging out without the kiddos and also with our friends. And we even learned a little ballroom dancing!

Week Nine

Week 9

Week 9-1

Daddy’s idea of an igloo developed into an awesome tunnel! Hurrah for a combined 10″ of snow this week!

Week 9-5

That night Daddy was working overnight and Liam swore he saw an elephant out his window. So he ended up in bed with Mommy.

Week 9-6

The Elmo trance. Affecting two year olds everywhere!

Week 9-4

Liam was standing on his bed looking out his window after naptime. So many imaginative things take place outside that window.

Week 9-2

Charlotte has a special attachment for her Grandpa Griffith. I think the feeling is mutual.

Week 9-3

Charlotte turns seven months old this week. She no longer likes to be held or contained. She insists on scooting and crawling looking for anything to chew. I think her first tooth is on it’s way!

Week Eight

Week 8



Week 8-1

Week 8-1-3

My dad made this little kitchen set for my sisters and me.  We loved it! Now that Liam has shown so much interest in cooking and pretend play, we asked to borrow it. He enjoys it so much! He puts on his little apron and says, “I makin’!”

Week 8-5

We made a trip to Indianapolis this week to visit Mema and Popa Hughes. Liam is so blessed to have such a nice Popa that loves playing with him. :-)

Week 8-3


Week 8-6

“The Monster at the End of this Book”

Week 8-4

Week 8-7

I normally have the advantage of grocery shopping alone. But I decided to bring Liam along to practice his “store manners”.  I love individual, quality time with this little dude.



Week Seven

week 7

Week 7-1

Week 7-2

Charlotte loves making noise! Liam was also enjoying this moment with us until he realized that I had my camera remote in my hand. So of course he had to take the picture.

Week 7-5

I really enjoy my work space in our great room. I wish I didn’t have to spend as much time as I do on the computer, but it’s nice to be with the family while I work.

Week 7-3

I bought Liam a brand new stash of craft supplies this week. So of course we had to make Valentines! We sure enjoy Daddy being home more now that he is working the night shift.

Week 7-4

Nearly every Sunday we make a trip to see my parents and younger bother and sister. Throughout the week Liam is always asking if it’s the day we are going to see “Gampa and Uncle Isaac.” I love that he enjoys playing outside there. It bring back so many memories of my childhood.

Week 7-6