Dente Family

This lovely family are the Dentes.  They are very sweet family friends. My son Liam and their Gavin were in Sunday School, Preschool and on the same soccer team last year. So we got to see a lot of them which was so fun.

They took advantage of my mini sessions last November. You can’t tell, but it was under 30 degrees! The beautiful sunset that evening made up for the cold temperatures.

Dente 1

Dente 2

Dente 3

Dente 4

Dente 5

Dente 6

Dente 7

Liam the Lumberjack – Louisville, OH Family Photographer

This adorable little lumber jack is my precious four-year-old son Liam. Every year on my children’s half birthdays I like to have a stylized session with them.

It is so nice when your children get a little older when it comes to photographing them. I remember last year when we had a tepee session he only game me ten minutes before he was done. This year he was all into it. He was even suggesting some of his own poses and gave me the cutest smiles!

After photographing clients during the week it is a challenge for me to feel motivated to photograph my own children. But I am always so thankful after I do. Especially when they are cute as this! (Sorry, I know I’m biased.)

















Isaac – Minerva, OH Family Photographer

Meet Isaac. This handsome young man is my brother. He is the youngest of five sisters. He will be turning 14 in a couple of months. Isaac likes Minecraft, building forts in the woods for his air soft gun wars and he recently purchased his first cross bow. He is also on the football team at his school in Carrollton. He is one of my favorite people. He is very sweet, thoughtful and so much fun to hang out with. He is also an awesome uncle and role model for my son Liam.


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot


 Family Photographer | Family Photography |Minerva, Ohio | Woods Photo Shoot

Week 16

Week 16 2


First thing in the morning after a big rain Liam and Daddy went worm hunting. Hence, this photo of Liam in his jammies, with a bedhead and his hands full of worms.


Liam’s first official year of egg coloring was a hit. We invited the family and had a fun afternoon together.

Week 16-1

The weather changes that Ohio produces means endless fun for small children. Even though we live in town, Liam’s favorite place is outside. After the first thunderstorm of the year we went outside to splash in puddles.


Happy Easter from the Hughes Family!


Taking pictures of bubbles is a challenge. It’s hard to get the camera to focus on something that is transparent and is constantly moving. Especially on a windy day like it was.


Charlotte is being held by my youngest sister Michaiah. Aunt Michiaiah is so sweet to come and visit us. I love seeing her with my kiddos. I was twelve years old when she was born and she was always my special little buddy. And then when Liam was born she was twelve years old. So it is fun seeing the same age differences and remembering.

Lily’s Mini Easter Session – Louisville, OH

This little lady is Lily. She is almost three years old now! We took her 2nd birthday pictures last year. She was a little timid and unsure of the camera then. But this year she was so brave and did such a good job. It is so much fun watching little ones grow up in front of my camera. As a little side note, she has the sweetest parents anyone could ask for. Lily is a very lucky little girl.

Lily Hoopes Child photography, Louisville OH, Canton OH, Northeast OH, Stark County OH

Lily Hoopes Child photography, Louisville OH, Canton OH, Northeast OH, Stark County OH 2

Lily Hoopes Child photography, Louisville OH, Canton OH, Northeast OH, Stark County OH 5

Lily Hoopes Child photography, Louisville OH, Canton OH, Northeast OH, Stark County OH 4

Lily Hoopes Child photography, Louisville OH, Canton OH, Northeast OH, Stark County OH 3

Callen’s Easter Mini Session – Louisville, OH

This was my second time photographing this little guy. And he held the record for being one of the easiest kiddo’s I’ve ever worked with. Well, this second time was exactly the same except for the fact he was quite a bit more mobile. Callen is such a sweetheart and quite the handsome little man.


Callen 1

Callen 3

Callen 4

Week 15

Week 15

Week 15-1-2

This all American boy has an obsession with french fries. I’m not sure how this has come about since he has only had them less than a dozen times in this three years. But for his birthday celebration we took him out for dinner and to Chucky Cheese. He had a fun night.

Week 15-6

Bed Head

Week 15-4

Liam received this mower for his birthday and now likes to mow the dead grass like it’s his job!

Week 15-2

I was excited to catch this moment with Charlotte trying to touch her shadow. She does the same thing with laser pointers. Sometimes she reminds me of a kitten.

Week 15-5

Charlotte can make this walker go pretty good in reverse. We are still working on the forward motion. :-)

Week 15-1

Aunt Michaiah and Aunt Louisa are playing with Charlotte at Grandma and Grandpa Griffith’s house.

Week 14

Week 14

Week 14-2

It is so nice living in town where you can easily walk to three different playgrounds and parks. This one is at the elementary school where Liam will some day attend.

Week 14-5

“Hello Mommy!” This little girl lights up when I take her picture. I do believe she will be like her brother who has unintentionally been conditioned to smile every time I bring out my camera.

Week 14-1

I spied this scene from the top of a six foot ladder. 😉

Week 14-3

We sure love when Mema and Popa Hughes comes to visit us from Indianapolis!

Week 14-4

Liam is so blessed to have such an amazing extended family that love him just as much as his Mommy and Daddy. This special gift that he is opening is a book of photos of every member in his family including their names. With four grandparents, eleven aunts and uncles, and five cousins across three states, it’s hard to keep everyone straight (not including his six great-grandparents!). So I put together this book for him to remember. Happy 3rd Birthday Liam!

Week 14-6

The best part of birthdays are the days after where non stop play occurs with all the new toys! I found it amusing that Liam knew exactly what to do with the scalpel knife. He tried to cut the bear’s ear and arm. Thank goodness it’s plastic. Also, I think we will be restricting his choice of patients to only include stuffed animals (and not his sister).