Week Eight

Week 8



Week 8-1

Week 8-1-3

My dad made this little kitchen set for my sisters and me.  We loved it! Now that Liam has shown so much interest in cooking and pretend play, we asked to borrow it. He enjoys it so much! He puts on his little apron and says, “I makin’!”

Week 8-5

We made a trip to Indianapolis this week to visit Mema and Popa Hughes. Liam is so blessed to have such a nice Popa that loves playing with him. :-)

Week 8-3


Week 8-6

“The Monster at the End of this Book”

Week 8-4

Week 8-7

I normally have the advantage of grocery shopping alone. But I decided to bring Liam along to practice his “store manners”.  I love individual, quality time with this little dude.



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